Why Give / Vision

Vision-Students –Faculty -Entrepreneurship & Innovation -Community


The CUIBF proposes to undertake it first campaign.  It is an ambitious comprehensive $?????????, philanthropic  campaign to carry the University to the future outlined in its comprehensive, bold, and action oriented Strategic Plan: “Strategic Vision 2020 To Enhance CUIB’s Mission: What Excellence Looks and Feels Like at CUIB”.  To achieve these goals, CUIB offers faculty, students and staff a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and encourages academic excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation in a variety of ways.

Investment by the CUIB community in the  bricks and mortar; in science, engineering, technology, business education, in faculty support; and in entrepreneurship, research and  innovation will ensure the advancement of these disciplines which are crucial to training students to be job creators as well as  being competitive in today’s global marketplace, especially in Cameroon and Africa, where there are huge skills gaps in industries with highest growth areas –technologies, engineering, cyber security,  agriculture, healthcare, climate change, and business management. 

To make our vision a reality we need your support to:

  1. Ensure Student Opportunity: Student Centered University
    Priority Areas: (i) Students Scholarships and (ii) On Campus Residential Housing
  2. Enhance Academics
    Priority Areas: (i) Faculty Strengthening & Capacity Building and (ii) State-of-the-art Science, Engineering & Technology Building/Facility
  3. Foster Entrepreneurship, Research & Innovation
  4. Maintain the Catholic Identity