The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), Cameroon

History & Mission

History: The Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), Cameroon is a Diocesan, Catholic, professional and entrepreneurial  university founded by His Lordship Bishop Immanuel Bushu in October 2010 to train job creators instead of job seekers who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities. He recognized that today the world requires more innovative, competitive and empowering approaches from educators; the changing times and human resources needs require an unprecedented shift from the traditional university model, to training students to engage, interact and work effectively in a diversified world.  


The purpose of training job creators instead of job seekers is rooted in the roles of creating a solution to the 47% unemployment rate that has afflicted Cameroon ( and African countries) in the recent times- specifically university graduates. Universities are graduating students that cannot find jobs and there is a glut of students that have become a burden on the society and their families-because many of the universities have been teaching them to be employed rather than being self-employed.


CUIB is open to all those who are searching for knowledge irrespective of nationality, religion, sex, race and language. Hence it is non-discriminatory.


CUIB is the premier and only Entrepreneurial University in Cameroon and the Central Africa Region with relevant curricula that will prepare graduates to become job creators, as well as being competitive in today’s global marketplace, especially in Cameroon and Africa, where there are huge skills gaps in industries with highest growth areas –technologies, engineering, agriculture, healthcare, climate change, and business management.

CUIB is made up of 2 arms. Namely: (1)Academic arm comprising of the : (i) School of Business, (ii) School of Engineering, (iii) College of Business and Technology, (iv) School of Information Technology, and (v) School of  Agriculture and Natural Resources, (vi) School of Catholic Studies, (vii) College of Business, (viii) College of Technology, and the (ix) School of Graduate Studies; and  (2) the Center for Entrepreneurship, Research and Innovation ( CERI ).


The Academic Philosophy of CUIB is based on seven key pillars that chart new ways for a 21st century education: (1) Spiritual and Moral Values, (2) Academic Excellence, (3) Entrepreneurial Spirit, (4) Scientific and Technical Know-How, (5) Social and Environmental Awareness and Responsibility, (6) Integrated Education for Life, and (7) the Economy of Communion (EoC).

Hence the Mission of CUIB is “To prepare professional servant leaders with moral and spiritual values who will contribute to the sustainable development of their communities”; and its Vision is “To bring hope to the students and awaken in them a sense of purpose and direction, so that they may achieve social, economic, spiritual, cultural and environmental well-being in their communities in particular, the nation and the world at large”.


CUIB Major Campus,
 Molyko, Buea
South West Region, Cameroon

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