The Case for CUIB

In order to be competitive in today’s global marketplace and to achieve Vision 2035 for an Emergent State, Cameroon (as with many African countries) needs exponentially more professionals in the fields of science, technology, engineering, agriculture and business management. Since its inception in 2010, CUIB has been a game changer in higher education in Cameroon and the Central Africa Region.
CUIB is the premier and only Entrepreneurial University in Cameroon and the Central Africa Region with relevant curricula that are well aligned to train student in these critical areas of studies. CUIB offers faculty, students and staff a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures and encourages academic excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation in a variety of ways and preparing students to be effective, ethical leaders and active citizens of a global society. CUIB is graduating a new generation of pioneer business leaders and nation builders in Cameroon.
(CHALLENGES THAT CUIB FACES TO FULFILL ITS MISSION AS AN ENTREPRNEUR UNIVERSITY- As a private university, CUIB does not get financial support from Government of Cameroon. CUIB has depended on fees and tuitions —————-, )

The CUIBF proposes to undertake its first campaign. It is an ambitious comprehensive $?????????, philanthropic campaign to carry the University to the future outlined in its comprehensive, bold, and action oriented Strategic Plan: “Strategic Vision 2020 To Enhance CUIB’s Mission: What Excellence Looks and Feels Like at CUIB”.
This historic campaign is about people empowering people to impact communities in Cameroon in extraordinary ways. This comprehensive campaign will advance CUIB by engaging the support of our entire community- alumni, parents, foundations, corporate partners, faculty, staff and students, friends old and new. Together we ( CUIB community) will invest in the bricks and mortar; in science, engineering, technology, business education, in faculty support; and in entrepreneurship, research and innovation will ensure the advancement of these disciplines which are crucial to training students to be job creators as well as being competitive in today’s global marketplace, especially in Cameroon and Africa, where there are huge skills gaps in industries with highest growth areas –technologies, engineering, cyber security, agriculture, healthcare, climate change, and business management. These are areas that drive and build modern economies that transform societies in remarkable ways-(socio-economic benefits and security).
As Scholars and Saints we have the heart, the talent and the tenacity to an extraordinary impact. But in a world of increasing complexity, your support is critical in providing us with the margin that will allow us to continue to compete, to innovate, to empower and to impact. Your generosity will allow more CUIB’s graduates to realize their full potential as individuals to sustain their families, advance their professions, and contribute to Cameroon’s strength. The campaign will also enable CUIB to realize its full potential as an institution to create prosperity, keep Cameroon competitive, enhance quality of live and ensure security-Vision 2035-Business leaders and Nation builders.

The momentum of the CUIB community has been extraordinary, but the best is yet to come. Partner with CUIB to “empower and impact extraordinary”.